The Stoltmann Law Offices Commercial Litigation Group welcomes referrals from our peers.  We are proud to have represented the friends and family of lawyers we previously litigated against and even our competitors in other areas of law. A large percentage of our firm’s clients are referred to us by our attorney colleagues. Other firms feel confident sending clients to our firm because of our effective and aggressive client advocacy.  Our fellow attorneys trust us with referrals because they know our work first hand and know we always return the satisfied client to the referring attorney when our case is done.

We understand that the bottom line when referring a contingent fee matter is results. We strive to obtain maximum in commercial disputes. If you are an attorney or financial professional, please contact our firm today at 312-442-3200, and we can discuss how to proceed.


In certain significant matters, we are able to split fees with referring counsel. Fee splitting is discussed in Rule 1.5 of the Illinois Rules of Professional Conduct. The Rule allows for fee splitting if certain conditions are met, the most important of which involves the consent of the client to the arrangement. The client must be informed of the existence of the agreement, the division of labor and responsibilities, and the economic benefits to accrue to each attorney (Rule 1.5(f)).


We appreciate and respect the relationship between referring attorneys and their clients. We welcome the expertise referring attorneys bring to the table when associating especially on niche areas of law the referring attorney may specialize in and share fees in certain cases in recognition of the valuable contributions of referring attorney (in accordance with the Rules of Professional Conduct). We look forward to working with you on your next case.